Some History and a Little About Us

Rockets’ history begins with the Carlton family; Mark, Shelly and their two children Jack and Franny. They lived on a small farm where they raised horses. Jack had a passion for motocross, so Mark decided to build a small track for him which quickly grew into the race facility we now know as Rocket Raceway.

Back then, Franny would be taking gate fees and Shelly would be in the sign up shed making everyone feel comfortable and appreciated. Mark would be on tractor making finishing touches on track while Jack would be running around the pits as moto kids do.

As time passed and things changed the Carltons decided to sell the track. Since then, Rocket has been through many changes, including several different owners and names. The most recent was known as MX23 Unleashed, Pa.

Our family’s bond to the Carltons, Rocket Raceway and motocross go back many years. I had owned Jr’s Cycle Shop for 15 years and rented Rocket for our annual event, known as Jr’s Ride the Rocket. Our son, Colby, has raced since he was five and my wife, Kelly, has published two children’s books about motocross. We have always thought of Rocket as our home away from home and treasured our time there.

That is why we are so pleased to announce that the Noll family has had the privilege of buying the track. Keeping with the Carlton family tradition, we will be returning to the Rocket name, as in Rocket MX & Outdoor Entertainment Complex.

Our aim is to provide our riders with an extraordinary track while at the same time providing a high-quality facility for the spectators. We want to create a family atmosphere where all riders, from beginners to experts, can ride and pursue their passion for motocross. As we grow as a promoter we look forward to the future and to providing the best entertainment possible.

Fortune Favors the Bold!

Corey Noll & the Noll Family